Grounding Earthing Mat – inc. postage – (25 x 68cm) for health & EMF discharge – high quality

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Hello good people.


If you are looking at this ad then you either know what grounding / earthing is and are looking for a good priced grounding mat, or are simply curious.
Should you want to learn more please watch the youtube videos below.
About the product. This is a 25*68cm grounding / earthing mat. & comes with 100Kohm (safe = protected) cable & UK plug (safe = earth only pin).
This mat is stitched at the edge. The top conductive carbon-infused leatherette (pu leather), adhered to a quality rubber backing.Places to use: On your desk – contact with wrists and hands, under your desk – contact with your feet. In the kitchen, in bed – the bottom of your bed to rest you heels on, at your feet when you are on the sofa.. anywhere you can put your skin against it.It is SAFE as has a 100Kohm resistor (see photo of resistance test) so no concern about a ground fault in your home.
The photos on this listing are 100% genuine, not stock footage.  You can see the high body voltage without grounding and almost none when grounded.
Some rooms in our home the ungrounded reading is as high as 7 to 10v!


About postage. We pack and post the item no later than the next working day. 

Short video on what earthing is and how to use an earthing / grounding mat:

Longer documentaries really worth watching:

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Dimensions 35 × 25 × 10 cm

1 review for Grounding Earthing Mat – inc. postage – (25 x 68cm) for health & EMF discharge – high quality

  1. Helen Foster (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this mat. Since using it I have slept deeper and have not been so on edge in general.I don’t have a meter to check so no idea what difference it makes to my readings. A surprise bonus is calluses on my feet virtually disappeared after only a week of using the mat so my skin is obviously responding to it.

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