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About Grounding

What does Earthing / Grounding actually do?

  • Earthing (grounding) connects people to the Earth’s natural healing energy.
  • Reduces inflammation, pain, and stress; improves blood flow, sleep, and vitality.
  • Earthing is a simple, profound lifestyle addition, requiring no effort or dieting.
  • Earthing is a GROSSLY overlooked factor in health and healing.
  • Earthing should be recommended by health professionals to patients. >> Read Full Paper HERE

The effect of grounding/earthing on the blood

“Grounding increases the surface charge on Red Blood Cells and thereby reduces blood viscosity and clumping. Grounding appears to be one of the simplest and yet most profound interventions for helping reduce cardiovascular risk and cardiovascular events.”
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>> Check out the youtube video for an example of this.

Grounding ( earthing ) products help dissipate the effects of EMF on your body. Home & office.

Electromagnetic fields increase your body voltage while in the home or office. You can test this yourself by using an EMF meter or even a standard multi-meter. Using a grounding / earthing product will help dissipate the buildup in your body. Never in the history of the human race have we been exposed to so much EMF.